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The InnoMaDE project is about research, innovation and cultural heritage aiming to bring together museums, educators and innovators willing to develop creativity in an innovative Europe and find new ways of engaging with creative skills in a digital world and community development.


Enabling cooperation and collaboration between these actors and providing support in the frame of digital skills of the related staff has real potential to address digital transformation and fill the existing gaps.

To be able to best respond and develop digital readiness and resilience we ask these questions:

  • How can museums renew and remake themselves especially during and after covid19?

  • How should an increasingly “lonely” society use museums under covid19 conditions?

  • How can museums become closer to its adult audiences in the frame of innovation, digital skills, art and creative industries?

  • What are the new technologies in representing and promoting museums?

  • How can museums be a force in the new EU economy?

InnoMaDE would like to answer these questions by drawing together 3 partners from Denmark and Turkey, experts from research universities, creative business networks and museums.


Exploring the context of innovation in which museums operate and its implications for future museum practices will provide the team with meaningful insights to develop and deliver a capacity building programme for the benefit of educators and related adult education staff in the digital age. Later in the year of 2022 and the beginning of 2023  several educational and networking events connecting museums, creative entrepreneurs and educators will be organized to develop and further strengthen the innovation community and provide opportunities for establishment of new collaborations and partnerships for a more innovative and competitive EU economy.  


The InnoMaDE project  is supported by the Turkish National Agency and the approval of the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism within the scope of Erasmus+ KA210.

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