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Digital technologies play an important role in supporting programmes aimed to stimulate visitors' experience including wellbeing, social interaction, and positive experiences in the museums. In this page you can find such practices which encourage exploring innovative methods new and alternative data sources.

Digital Stories Workshop

The Digital Stories Workshop was held with children aged 7-12 as part of “Art Maker Lab Meeting Events” at Istanbul Modern's Art Maker Lab Learning Center, supported by ISTKA. In the workshop, the children created digital pictures by experiencing MonnoM, developed to establish a connection between the physical and virtual environment. The workshop activities starts with a tour of the collection exhibition “In Search of the Now”, then the children identifys the images that most affected them in their art work during this trip.



Kidory is a web tool developed with a pedagogical perspective to help children improve their communication, collaboration, creativity, empathy, digital literacy and language skills. The tool has various story templates with different themes from space to the global issues. Children use the images in these templates to imagine a specific story to write. 

Kids in Library

Ancient Futures

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and the main sponsorship of Meta (Facebook),"The Cube" and "Angelic Fashion of Ancient Futures" are exhibited in the Ancient Futures international exhibition hosted at the Istanbul Archaeological Museums.

Art Gallery

Detective Karagöz's Adventure

As a Turkey's first educational digital game in museums, it  aims to experience a fun virtual museum tour and reach visitor's learning gains. In the game, where all literate visitors can play alone and the younger ones can play together with their parents, the players help Detective Karagöz by completing sections such as exploring Bursa City Museum through the virtual museum, puzzle, finding objects, placing words and letters, marking.

Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting

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Between Walls
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