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Good Practices

Digital technologies play an important role in supporting programs aimed at stimulating visitors' experiences, including well-being, social interaction and positive experiences in museums. On this page, you can find such applications that encourage innovative methods and exploring new and alternative data sources. More info HERE

The Turkish Museums project, together with the GoTurkey project, is one of the biggest tourism communication channels of Türkiye. The digital agency of the Turkish Museums project, SiuDigital, created the entire digital communication strategy of the project and prepared a portal with photos and videos of nearly 400 museums and archaeological sites affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Image by R M

Within the scope of the InnoMaDE project, a digital escape game was designed in cooperation with Pera Museum and Escapist, using the permanent collections of Pera Museum, in which messages focused on research, innovation and cultural heritage to be delivered. The activity pursues the strategy of emphasizing the archaeological and cultural heritage richness of museums, embodying the concept of Innovative Museum through the example of Pera Museum’s collections, and serving the community development mission by providing wide participation in the digital environment. 

Image by Linus Mimietz

Komet’s flagship project is the Museum Kit Project that includes the museum education and visitor's kits that we prepare for the benefit of teachers, students, families and local and international visitors to museums. The aim of the museum education kits and visitor's kits of the Museum Kit Project is to strengthen the relationship that visitors of all ages have with museums, to act as a bridge between the museums and their visitors.Komet has launched five museum kits for teachers and students since 2019 for Topkapı Palace (2019), Pera Museum (2020), Anatolian Civilizations Museum (2021), Şanlıurfa Archaeological Museum and Göbeklitepe (2021) and Troy Museum and Archaeological Site (2021). In the year 2021, we also launched our first Visitor’s Kit for Troy Museum and Archaeological Site (in Turkish and English). The visitor’s kits for other museums are in the pipeline, including the ones for the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and Şanlıurfa Archaeological Museum and Göbeklitepe.

Image by Raimond Klavins
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